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District 24 & District 25 are the two districts that make up Beaver County AA. 

District 24 Includes: Beaver Falls, New Brighton, Rochester, Baden, & Ambridge

List of District 24 Officers Updated February 2021

DCM      Jay S.

Alt. DCM   Mark
Treasurer     Jeremy L.
Alt. Treasurer     Jim D. 
Secretary      Gary B.
Alt. Secretary   OPEN
Grapevine      Leonard
Alt. Grapevine     OPEN
PI/CPC  Betsy M.

Literature  Tom R.

Corrections & Treatment OPEN

Functions OPEN

District 24 holds its monthly district business meeting (All General Service Representatives and District Officers) every 1st Thursday of the month at the Central United Methodist Church, 1227 6th Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 @ 6:00pm. 
District 25 Includes:  Aliquippa, Beaver, Center Twp., Chippewa, Hopewell Twp., Midland, Monaca, Ohioville, Patterson Twp., and Vanport

List of District 25 Officers Updated February 2021

DCM    Justin M.

Alt. DCM     Troy S.
Treasurer   Bob G.
Alt. Treasurer   OPEN
Secretary       Lindsay C.
Alt. Secretary     OPEN
Grapevine       OPEN

Alt. Grapevine   OPEN
PI/CPC            Dawn T.

Functions - Kathy P.
Literature       Kathy P

Alt. Literature  OPEN
Archives          OPEN

Alt. Archives  OPEN

Beginners Meeting  Michael

Corrections & Treatment - Derek K.

District 25 holds its monthly District business meeting (All General Service Representatives and District Officers) every 3rd Thursday of the month at  2107 McMinn Street Woodlawn American Baptist Church  Aliquippa 15001. @ 6:30pm. Also includes the PI/CPC Coordinator, Literature Coordinator, and Website Committee reports. 

District 25 March Meeting minutes